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voss heads the low earth space exploration team at sierra nevada, one of four privately owned companies in a nasa competition to build a successor to the space shuttle. >> it's very much like the shuttle but much, much, much smaller. >> reporter: dream chaser would be one 40th the shuttle size, a sort of space taxi designed to carry up to seven astronauts, dock with a space station and then return to earth. nasa's helping to fund the companies. sierra nevada got $100 million in seed money. voss, a former nasa astronaut, went on five space missions. >> do you feel any sensation of motion there? >> i did. >> reporter: now he's helping sierra nevada develop a reusable winged spaceship he says will do a better job of returning people and science experiments to earth. >> after six months of the space station, landing gently is much better than landing national guard the capsule and for science return, if we return them to the earth and it's not a gentle landing, we could destroy the science return and it's of no use. >> reporter: but dream chaser's competitors took a very different approach.
degrees, to the east, sierra nevada you can see numerous strikes here closing in a little bit. you'll see south of lake tahoe towards mammoth lakes you can see bolts there. over 500 lightning strikes. if you're traveling this weekend, to the sierra nevada you're going to want to listen to this. there are going to be more storms into weekend. temperatures into 6 ows at beaches and around the bay. inland areas comfortable into 80s, coastal fog locally inland tonight. mild to warm for weekend. high clouds heading in as we head into weechblgtd -- weekend. it's subtropical moisture shifting towards sierra nevada. we're seeing the signs of thunderstorms developing. so tomorrow afternoon, we'll once again see some storms in the seer for the weekend. and again, on sunday. from lake tahoe to yosemite and places like las vegas there, is a possibility of thunderstorms. some of the moisture may move far enough to the west that there is a slight possibility of some showers and thunderstorms developing in san benito county and southern monterey county. very sis is slated and you can get moisture workin
. and we're going see some moisture, circulating right into some of the sierra nevada locations heading into next couple days. because of this, we're expecting thunderstorms this weekend from lake tahoe down towards yosemite and las vegas could see possibility of thunderstorms. and scattered on saturday and sunday. so fur f.you're making plans for weekend keep this in mind. overnight tonight here in the bay area, fog along coast and around the bay. and temperatures into 50s except antioch. 60 degrees. taking a look at highs for friday. they're coming up just a little bit. away from the coastline. 83 degrees in san jess yeah. sunnivale, milpitas, 82 for you. 87 in los gatos. and goits tok a mild day around san mateo. 76 degrees, 80 in menlo park. low to mid-60s near the coastline. you'll see fog again hugging the coast. daily city, gray skies and 62 degrees, welcome to summer in daily city. 66 degrees in downtown. and north bay, you're looking at low 80s for santa rosa and napa. 78 in san rafael. 60s at beaches, east bay communities, 72 oakland. inland areas warm day. you're looking at m
. thunderstorms now firing up over the sierra nevada. what does that mean for the weather here this weekend? we'll talk about that coming up. >>> bikini brouhaha? or a big misunderstanding? why this woman says she was unfairly kicked out of a wal- mart. ,,,,,,,,,,,, landfall in texas. but instead of evacuating, texans ar >>> in just a few hours, tropical storm don is expected to make landfall in texas. but instead of evacuating, texans are welcoming this storm because there is a severe drought so people are looking forward to relief. but 50-mile-per-hour winds and maybe 5" of rain are expected. let's go to lawrence and the 5", that's a drop in the bucket. >> yeah. >> for them. >> that's a good start. they are going to need more but just the beginning of the tropical season. hey, folks, got week earned plans? fog is surging onshore. going to see more of that through the evening hours but we have some thunderstorms firing up over the sierra nevada. monsoonal moisture heading up there. yosemite toward lake tahoe, we are expecting thunderstorms on and off especially in the afternoon throughout the
vause has the space exploration team at sierra nevada corporation. one of four privately owned company in a nasa-supervised competition to design and build a successor to the space shuttle. >> and it is very much like the shuttle, but much, much, much smaller. >> reporter: dream chaser would be 1/40 the shuttle size, a sort of space taxi designed to carry up to seven astronauts, dock with the space station, and then return to earth. nasa's helping to fund the company. sierra nevada got $100 million in seed money. vause, a former nasa astronaut, went on five space missions. >> do you feel any sensation of motion there? >> reporter: i do. now he's helping sierra nevada develop a reusable winged spaceship that he says would do a better job of returning people and science experiments to earth. >> after six months on the space station, landing gently is much better than landing hard in a capsule. and for science return, if we return them to earth and it's not a gentle landing, we could destroy the science returning and it's of no use. >> reporter: but dream chasers competitors took a very d
area. and that includes the sierra nevada. so we will look for the thunderstorm activity from the northern and southern sierra, in fact the flash flood watch throughout the day today. we saw the thunderstorms yesterday. so if you are traveling today or tomorrow, be aware of that. we can see some very heavy downpours from time to time in the mountains, the foothills. and by tomorrow, sunday, the focus shifts closer to home. really the south bay and portions of monterey. so not only is slight chance of a thunderstorm, but more likely the high clouds, the mid-level clouds and maybe the muggy feel to the air here as a piece of energy here drifts to the west. so this afternoon we will see more moisture in the sierra, the spine of the sierra so that's going to be the setup for the weekend. 98 in fresno. back home upper 70s to low 80s. 80 san jose. and san mateo 75. san francisco a little bit below average, about you with partly cloudy skies, 66. 60 the bay. and 72 san leandro and hayward and out over the hills we will see numbers warm into the upper 80s in pittsburgh today with 86 i
if you are headed to the sierra nevada. today in san bonito county, thunderstorms. we are looking at partly cloudy skies in livermore and gusty winds by the delta. 61 in antioch, 62 in oakland. looking at 59 half moon bay, 58 san francisco. sun coming up at about 6:11 this morning. coastal fog moving inland and we will look for that fog to clear throughout the afternoon. so some sunshine and mild temperatures around the bay. but it's going to be inland where we see the warmer weather. and then high clouds will be heading in throughout the weekend, especially in the south bay and along the monterey coast. so here's a look at the temperature profile. you notice the fog right out into the east bay. by 10:00, 11:00, it does clear. in fact we should see some sunshine at our beaches. but once again, just in our 60s there. some 70s around the bay and maybe 8s 0s in the inland valley. the west wind still with us. the sea breeze allowing for temperatures to stay pretty much a little bit below normal. so here's a look at some subtropical moisture that's rotating around. a big dominant area
enjoying sunshine and there is a wide range of temperatures. 60s at the coast. sierra nevada there is live doppler 7 hd. numerous lightning bolts here, we've been watching thunderstorms developing. some very strong over 900 lightning strikes reported. and we're going to see a repeat into the weekend. temperatures now here, into 60s at beaches and there are 80s inland. our highlights coastal fog locally inland. mild to warm for weekend. high clouds heading in the same subtropical moisture providing thunderstorms to the sierra nevada coming our way in the form of higher clouds. you can see it here. just moving in over the sierra nevada. and this is the area that will be seeing the thunderstorms developing over the weekend. from south lake tahoe to yosemite down towards las vegas this is going to be the case. it's monsoonal moisture getting repeated again on sunday. and some of the moisture is actually going to move its way out towards the san benito areas so isolated showers or thunderstorms may develop here. and sunday morning so if you're traveling to that area, on sunday just keep this in
tahoe in the mountains and the sierra nevada. this beautiful place that we live. i was a geography major and we learned about land forms and that's what i think about the land forms and what a beautiful place we lived. >>> the picture shows a sailor kissing a nurse. the sculpture was on display this afternoon at the u.s.s. hornet museum. it's in the bay area. the statute will be on display at san francisco's pier 45. >>> the president says it is the single most important step the united states has ever taken to cut our dependence on foreign oil. >>> the search is on for a couple of sea lions what they have wrapped around their necks that has rescuers worried. >>> new at 6:00, these special washing machines could protect firefighters from cancer causing agents and ktvu was there when local firefighters got them a year ago. but hear why a bay area city won't let them use it. >> we're on a search and destroy mission in the delta against one of the most difficult to destroy invasive species. will the new project work? >>> then it cleared the first hurdle today. the plan that could change the
's not going to be a big threat. we will keep the storm activity into the sierra nevada and we will have more cool weather as we start a new month. here's a look at our fog picture. you will notice to the north and east bay, threw about 9:00 this morning, and then picking up on that you will notice we do peel back with the low clouds and look for in afternoon sun with high temperatures in the 80s in the warmest location. yesterday we saw some low 80s, anded today about the same. a few degrees cooler. for the time being it looks like we may get into some sun on the san mateo coast but that will be limited. the activity in terms of moisture well far into southeastern california. so that moisture up and around that area of high pressure, down around the desert and san diego. so looks like we won't have to worry about that threat locally. but in the sierra nevada we have the thunderstorms pop yesterday near reno and then again today, this afternoon the threat is likely for the moisture and maybe even some flooding from yosemite on southward. 86 there today. 78 tahoe with numbers in the mid-90s in
the sierra nevada. big area of low pressure starts digging in. it will lift it. as it does, that will start to bring in cooler pattern. believe it or not, the five to seven-day outlook shows temperatures coming way down. >> in the east bay, 60s, 7 oh, 80s. 96 -- 60s. 80s. 88 los gatos. 83 sunnyvale. 60s, 70s, 80s. san mateo coast peninsula. the city yesterday which went from 59 to 81 in the city alone. >> really? >> yes. >> very unusual yesterday. if you had the fog, it was cool. i know north mission was 80 degrees. big cooldown takes us into friday, the weekend, tori. >> all right. we have to be prepared for that. >>> the city of palo alto is considering costing for recycling. they are considering closing the center in the bay -- bayland. it's all to cover the fund that covers the trash programs. the proposed recycling charges would ensure people are not paying more in the refuge fun than trash actually costs. last year, scrap metal was the port's biggest export by weight but waste paper was a money motorcycle 1 -- moneymaker. >>> steel from the world trade center is being used in memorial
are heading into the central valley or sierra nevada, definitely feeling like summer. 80s in fresno but mid-70s big sur. 80 in los angeles. here is what is going on. the trough is lifting out but winds are awfully light. we are looking a little bit of warming, still our sea breeze and ridge of high pressure to build ever so slightly just about into the east bay, not shutting off our low clouds and fog and sea breeze. we'll stay with temperatures pretty comfortable. we're not looking at any heat wave by any means. few 80s in the south bay. upper 70s on the peninsula. it will stay pretty breezy and foggy here near the coast. that is why san francisco will stay in the 60 baes's but you'll see sunny skies. he north bay,w mid-80s. berkeley and oakland, usual spots a little cool. mid-70s union city and out over the hills. here is where things are warming up. 89 in concord and 78 in pleasanton and sunshine, might have to wait a bit in monterey, sunny down in san luis obispo. so very modest temperatures. >>> scientists in northern california have a theory about how gold fish in new zealand were able t
northern parts of mono county. hundreds of strikes up across the sierra nevada and some heavy rain. this is going to play out over the next couple of days, a lot of monsoonal moisture up there. doesn't look like it will get to the bay area but heading there, take extra care. it's coming down especially in the afternoon hours. this evening, mostly clear inland mild temperatures mainly into the 70s inside the bay we'll see some patchy fog sneaking through the golden gate. and at the coast cool and breezy, winds kicking up over 20 miles an hour and fog the story at the beaches today. again kind of hugging the coast getting ready to move onshore. it will be in place tomorrow but it will break back towards the beaches. that means sunshine in the valleys and comfortable temperatures. 86 livermore, 78 san jose, and about 58 degrees some patchy fog into pacifica. next few days we'll watch those temperatures cool down a little throughout the weekend but really it looks like a nice weekend ahead. as we head toward the middle of next week we'll watch those temperatures coming off a little bel
at this picture, the smoke is beginning to pull out toward the valley, toward the west slope of the sierra nevada. you can see the plume, see how it's tilted off. that's good news for the local residents. because as the wind kicks up it will push the plume off into the distance. it'll defuse much more rapidly and be a better health situation for those around and even out in the valleys as it blows out with those winds. winds right now are blowing about 10 to 15 miles per hour in the area. they have just come up out in fairfield, i have a wind west at nine and i have some winds in the area up to 15. those winds are west-southwest. that's good news for the smoke plume. i'll be back here, we'll look at this again and we'll also look at your five day. >>> and ken sasaki sent us pictures, he was close enough to capture the flames. if you have pictures of the fire or other breaking news send it to us. just go to photos @ ktvu.com. >>> tesoro has agreed to pay fines for air pollution. the settlement covers 76 incidents. they include exceeding standards for smog and pollutants. and failure to repair leak
the atmosphere in the sierra nevada as you look at the hd things shifted off to the nevada area and really quieted down here at least in california. but we had numerous thunderstorms developing from mammouth to south of lake tahoe. over 1700 lightning strike were reported. there was some hail and some rain accompanying that south lake tahoe saw isolated shower an hour or 2 ago. as we make plans for the weekend, about you are going to be seeing more of the thovrments temperatures rate now in the 50's for the north bay. also for san francisco. most of the rest of the bay area in the 60's apartment i don't care 71 rate now. coastal fog local inland mild to warm for the weekend. high clouds are heading in this weekend so the difference that you are going to see this weekend will be l sub tropical moisture moving our way. that's what setoff the thunderstorms in the sierra nevada and that continues to stream in. so really this has been the cut off today. sierra nevada seeing the thunderstorms developing and once again tomorrow afternoon and sunday afternoon we see the sierra storms firin
not only in utah but throughout most of the mountain west. in california's sierra nevada, the snowbanks were still so high in june, it looked like january n utah more than 65 feet of snow fell this winter at snowbird in utah, a record for the resort. and it's not just skiers who are happy. this is putting smiles on faces hundreds of miles away from here because all this snow becomes a whole lot of water which is great news here at lake meade, america's largest reservoir near las vegas. >> this spring we're going up quite quickly. >> reporter: for gail kaiser whose family owns a marina, it's a refreshing change after more than a decade of drought that left lake meade with half the water it once held. the white ring circling the shore shows how high the water once was. as the level drops, the marina had to be moved again and again to keep boats in the receding water. lake meade created by the hoover dam is important for more than boating. it's a major component of the colorado river system which supplies drinking water to some 20 million people. once all the runoff from the melting mounta
valley or sierra nevada, definitely feeling like summer. 80s in fresno but mid-70s big sur. 80 in los angeles. here is what is going on. the trough is lifting out but winds are awfully light. we are looking a little bit of warming, still our sea breeze and ridge of high pressure to build ever so slightly just about into the east bay, not shutting off our low clouds and fog and sea breeze. we'll stay with temperatures pretty comfortable. we're not looking at any heat wave by any means. few 80s in the south bay. upper 70s on the peninsula. it will stay pretty breezy and foggy here near the coast. that is why san francisco will stay in the 60 baes's but you'll see sunny skies. in the north bay, few mid-80s. berkeley and oakland, usual spots a little cool. mid-70s union city and out over the hills. here is where things are warming up. 89 in concord and 78 in pleasanton and sunshine, might have to wait a bit in monterey, sunny down in san luis obispo. so very modest temperatures. >>> scientists in northern california have a theory about how gold fish in new zealand were able to survive for
of sunshine, that moon sunny of moisture ripping across the sierra nevada. if you're heading that direction, be careful. a nice weekend on tap for the bay area. start out the morning hours, you get days like this. this is gorgeous towards the afternoon, 86 in linmore. 50s and 60s. we are going to watch temperatures coming down. it looks like we are going to see great weather ahead. those numbers will cool off towards the middle of ,,,, i know you're worried about making your savings last and having enough income when you retire. that's why i'm here -- to help come up with a plan and get you on the right path. i have more than a thousand fidelity experts working with me so that i can work one-on-one with you. it's your green line. but i'll be there every step of the way. call or come in and talk with us today. " " >>> in 2003, the raiders used their first round pick on a quarterback from cal. >> the oakland raiders select the quarterback, california. >> eight years later, he is a household name and the best cornerback in football. he's also now a former raider. after agreeing to a five-year
story over the next few days. subtropical moisture over the sierra nevada. some thunderstorms up there. it's going to be hot in many spots inland. 92 morgan hill, 89 in milpitas. 82 degrees in san mateo. 60s at the coast. east bay numbers up into the 70s and 80s around the bay, mid- 90s in the valleys. about 90 in benicia and 95 in fairfield, 86, sunny in petaluma. we are done with 100s over the next few days but hot in the valleys. tomorrow cooler. toward the weekend the trough will drop into the bay area bringing with it more low and cooler temperatures. it's going to be like a breath of fresh air after the hot 100s, cooler into the weekend. guys, back to you. >> all right. thank you. >>> veterinarians have issued a warning about a popular sweetener. the sweetener is called xylitol. it is as sweet as sugar but with a third of calories interest. dr. kim mulvihill explains how one bay area pet lover found out how it is not good for dogs. >> reporter: four years ago, a corgi found a new home in san jose and the puppy grew into a member of the family. >> he was a very well cared for pet.
near the coast. and thunderstorms erupting in the sierra nevada. there is over a thousand lightning strikes so far. it's been an active afternoon. right around the south lake tahoe area, thunderstorms and take a look at the severe thunderstorm developing here northwest. so there is if you have travel plans keep this in mind. fog at the coast. 59 degrees in half moon bay. inland areas you're still dealing with heat. upper 9 ows for antioch and livermore. and there is coastal fog tonight. heat easing inlnld. going to be cooler by the weekend. that is what temperatures could drop below normal. numbers on the mild side inland. right near the coastline, temperatures into 50s, and we'll see the fog and here is what else is typical. high pressure over the pacific. low pressure inland. what is going to happen. and wind kicks up coming off the ocean. temperatures respond not as hot inland tomorrow. you'll see fog in the morning and will be around just mainly near beaches and around the bay. and that breeze will be felt inland. and and temperatures near the coast and into the 60s. 84 degrees
to the sierra nevada watch out for the river flows. 80 in tahoe. 85 on sunday maybe a few clouds moving in on sunday. truckee is at 37 right now. 90s inland. light breeze. 60s and 70s coast and bay side. and upper 80s and low 90s as you work your way inland. it will be warmer and sunny for all. it looks like a sunny and warm holiday weekend. >> thank you, steve. >>> beginning today you can cross san francisco's justin herman plaza from 80 feet along the ground. take a look at 680 feet across the plaza. the zip line will be offered all summer. it costs $29. that guy is pretty good at it. >>> a one-day strike is just getting under way this morning. shutting down a popular mode of transportation. the impact it could have on your morning commute. >>> san jose gets ready for another cut. >>> confusion at the ferry terminal this morning. a strike has been called. service was canceled but commuters are showing up any way. we'll have more on this developing story coming up. intellect first it was san jose police officers today san jose firefighters. find out what budget cuts are doing to the de
that is coming from. tomorrow we are going to see that moisture continue to workup to the sierra nevada. that will work its way up to another round of storms. today we saw over 1700 lightning strikes this afternoon. it is just south of lake tahoe and heading into the mammoth area. tomorrow and sunday we are expecting this moisture to set off numerous showers and thunderstorms again. some of the moisture is actually going to work its way westward. and when it does there is a slight possibility, and i mean slight that we will see some build ups in southern monterey county where isolated thunderstorms may develop on sunday morning and into the afternoon. temperatures mainly 50s. you will see the fog. 61 in antioch and you may even see a few areas where there is spotty drizzle like half moon bay. you have been seeing that the last couple mornings. tomorrow afternoon, 85° in the south bay. 82 for campbell. getting it up to 80 in san jose. frit close to where you should be -- pretty close to where you should be. on the peninsula, pen low park, redwood city, upper 70s. 75 for san mateo. if yo
sierra nevada nosotros con alta presion que esta en control desde el pacifico vemos una atmosfera un poquito ms estable y tempareturas que en algunos puntos de hecho en interior cu ---nueva pausa en el cu --los padres del lanzador de los atleticos de oakland "gio gonzalez", fueron clave para su exito. ahora el popular beisbolista nos dice como usted puede encaminar a sus hijos para que alcancen sus metas deportivas. take pkg sot: no cg despues de una racha fenomenal, el popular lanzador de los atleticos gio gonzales dice que sus padres han sido clave para su exito. sot - gio gonzalez/atleticos aunque ha tenido dias no tan buenos, el haber sido elegido para el juego de sot - gio gonzalez/atleticos aunque ha tenido dias no tan buenos, el haber sido elegido para el juego de estrellas y como jugador de la semana esta semana pronostica un futuro brillante, dicen expertos como este comentarista deportivo. sot - manolo hernandez/comentari sta entre sus fanaticos esta aaron gonzalez quien comparte el mismo apellido y tambien quiere ser beisbolista.su papa esta orgulloso de apoyarlo. sot-adan
. >>> fire burning out of control in the sierra nevada. thousand got started and when it's expected to be contained. >>> getting you to move over, how you will be reminded to be steer clear of the workers, the fineses you face if you don't. it is been one week since the fishing boat sank off the coast of mexico. still no sign of the fisherman from northern california who are still missing. it was another day of searching, wendy on the latest search plans and how the 19 secure various describe their experience. >> reporter:u.s. coast guard rescue team searched another 990 square miles. no sign of them. the coast guard says it is possible they are still alive, even after seven days. >> the coast guard and the mexican navy are pursuing this case as a rescue mission effort. we're still hopeful to define the seven missing fisherman. >> reporter:27 passengers were tossed into the sea after their fishing boat was capsized. >> i was in the water for 16 hours. >> reporter:many survivors clung to ice chests as they tried to reach land miles away. >> all i saw were huge waves. i was alone in t
of moisture ripping across the sierra nevada. if you're heading that direction, be careful. a nice weekend on tap for the bay area. start out the morning hours, you get days like this. this is gorgeous towards the afternoon, 86 in linmore. 50s and 60s. we are going to watch temperatures coming down. it looks like we are going to see great weather ahead. those numbers will cool off towards the middle of the week. more sports and news when you come back. when you spend just twenty-five storewide. and unlike other stores, we don't make you come back to save. get ten dollars off with no exclusions! we make style affordable, you make it yours! montrose, california. in here, anarchy meets order. working with at&t, doctors set up a broadband solution to handle data and a mobility app to stay connected with their business. so they can run the office... even when they're not in the office. call at&t and see what we can do for you. with unlimited voice plus broadband, starting at $70 dollars. it's a network of possibilities -- helping you do what you do... even better. no exclusions! with jcp cash,
sierra, nevada. you can see in the last two. if the high kept building in i would say yeah. but i don't think it will amount to too much. if you see clouds off in the distance that's what it is. tropical moisture wrapping back around. there is a lot of fog and it's on the increase. 57 fairfield. 57 concord. low 60s livermore, mountain view, and san jose. 55 seems rather popular here. oakland, san rafael, and napa. your friday morning super. santa rosa today starting off mostly cloudy. 55. we'll go 65 at noon. and 78 today for a high. temperatures below average. a lot of low clouds and fog have been banking up in the north bay keeping temperatures in the 70s. if you watch and i hope you do you know i hang my hat on that. that is the key for the sea breeze. if it's not there, than we will be warm to hot inland. when it's this strong with gusts to 30 that tells me everything we need to know. temperatures will be coming down inland. they have been in the 60s but i don't think that will change. a little system just clipping the sea right there. that helps. that help kind of knock the high
activity in the sierra nevada is being pushed south and east. any time you get that fog coming in that does equal a big cooling pattern. we are seeing all of the cooler directions on the wind. that is a south wind up in the north bay. it won't make an impact on inland areas until probably tomorrow. so for the fourth if you are by the coast cooler. you might have to deal with fog. and in parts of the city. it will still be hot inland with 90s to low 100s. the trend is to bring temperatures down. unless you are in fairfield and concord. that is sonoma county airport. 79 san ho sigh but 65 san francisco. there is your big difference right there. that is why. the fog which is starting to move in down in cape mendocino and right along point rays starting to stack upright there toward san mateo coast. pulls off on the santa cruz coastline. there is a west wind for many and a south wind up in santa rosa. system is moving into the pacific northwest. it will deepen over time as it does it will bump the high out of here. that will start the cool progress syces. the fog is there for some. even though
from? they are come from the desert southwest and blow off from the sierra nevada. they you can see them wrapping back around. for the immediate area look at that fog starting to fill in. it's still rather shallow. there is much more today than yesterday. 52-67-degree. we sheathiest system digging in the gulf of alaska. that will give inland areas a cool down. the biggest cool down went be until friday and son. so 60s & 70s and 80s by the coast. additional cooling takes us thursday into friday. >>> analysts say drivers shouldn't expect to see another big drop in gas prices this summer. the price at the pump could drop a few more pennys before labor day but they are backtracking on earlier forecast that prices could fall to $3.40 a gallon. right now they are down 30- cents from a month ago. >>> it looks like people are doing the staycation. record attendance at the marin county fair this year. attendance up 5% this year. the second highest level ever. the fair reports ticket sails topped $1.3 million. along with record setting food, drink sales, and parking revenue in the fairs histo
to the sierra nevada. you saw lots of showers and storms. today the same situation. so if you are traveling eastward watch out for storms today, tomorrow and perhaps heavy downpours yosemite down south. by tomorrow afternoon, more of the moisture feeds into the parts the bay area. diablo range could see cumulus clouds and late day storms. then into san benito county and southern monterey and moisture heading up through the south bay. garlic festival in gilroy, feeling more muggy tomorrow. 98 in fresno. 82 in los angeles and for the south bay, upper 70s to low 80 to mid-80s. 79 in milpitas. look for upper 70s in menlo park. the fog hangs on until the afternoon. then we'll see partly cloudy skies. 56 in san francisco. 86 up in cloverdale. afternoon sun, 75 in vallejo. how about 70 in oakland. so getting at least to the 70-degree mark. 75 in union city and out over the hills. 85 in dublin. 87 in concord and you saw the gray in santa cruz. later on, low 70s so feeling pretty good at the boardwalk there. today, we will have a sunny afternoon but if you are going to be near the coast the next sev
in scattered showers and thunderstorms this weekend for the sierra nevada f you're traveling to lake tahoe, you and watch out, for isolated showers and thunderstorms on friday. and then, really becoming a better likelihood saturday and sunday, scattered showers and thunderstorms developing. overnight tonight, temperatures into 50s, except antioch, 60 degrees, fog along the coast. and first thing in the morning, tomorrow afternoon, it's a beautiful day into the south bay. 84 cupertino. near 90 in los gatos z peninsula, you'll see high clouds coming up from the south. and mid-70s for san mateo. and 80 degrees menlo park. coastal areas held down by fog. only 62 there. 62 in daily city. downtown san francisco, you'll see fog. and some sun as well. 66 degrees. north bay, 60s along the coast. 90s in cloverdale. 82 in santa rosa. towards east bay, it's a beautiful day. 72 in oakland. inland areas, warm, sunny skies. and 91 concord, 9 abrentwood. for the monterey bay, 74 degrees, here is the accu-weather forecast. it's a wide range of highs. mid-60s to mid-90s two days. little cooler sunday, but it's n
clouds rotating in the four corners. that's a by-product of some sierra nevada thunderstorm activity. the fog yesterday was way down here. way down here. temperatures in san francisco alone yesterday in the city alone at 4:00 range from 59 to 81. i mean, that's very rare to see that. you had the fog and then it was cool. there is a definite hint of a sea breeze. didn't have much to work with. there's still a cap on it. that's the tropical clouds right there. right there. kind of wrapping back around. just a band or two coming by. 60s for many. 52 officially in san francisco to 68 in livermore. if you commute in from the city, you will go from man, it's nice to man it's cold. winds are west-southwest 15. that's double what it was yesterday. i think that will crank up over the next 24 to 46 hours. you will get more -- 36 hours. you will get more of a pronounced system. the system churning in the gulf of alaska is on its way. the cooling begins today, already an increase in the fog and low clouds. we'll still have some 90s inland. low cloud, fog, drizzle. cool for some. but there -- but
at the coast with patchy fog. monsoonal moisture in the sierra nevada some thunderstorms erupting in the afternoon yesterday but that's sliding east with the ridge of high pressure that's moving out of town. this ridge going to continue to move out. the next system trying to drop in. overall we'll see the trough developing especially into the weekend. that will bring down the temperatures. 9degrees today still hot in morgan hill. 84 milpitas. beautiful there. 8union city. about 58 degrees cloudy in daly city. as you head well inland you will see temperatures in the 90s again inmates like brentwood and livermore and also into antioch. probably some 70s into oakland with a little breeze in the afternoon. temperatures still comfortable but coming down across the board toward the next couple of days especially over the weekend as that trough works in. time to check the roads with the best traffic reporter around this morning, let's check traffic with elizabeth. >> we are getting word of a downed tree in santa rosa, closed ramp southbound 101 to westbound 12. crews are out there now wo
over the sierra nevada. not only from tahoe all the way along the spine down to the southern sierra. that activity should start to move off as we get more of a southwesterly direction on the wind. 50s and 60s. santa rosa 52. san jose in the 60s. livermore in there. concord, fairfield. 57 redwood city. 53 san rafael. west-southwest 22 there you go turbo charge that at fairfield, travis even vacaville with a southwest at 9. i have no idea what concord buchanan says with north at 6. that doesn't make sense. anyway, west-northwest sfo with southwest at napa airport those are all cooler directions. the leading edge of the cooler pattern is beginning to show itself in the pacific northwest. the whole system is going to dig in. another will dig in behind that and that's going to take us into the next five to seven days. on shore breeze, cooler afternoon highs. takes another day or two for some well inland to start cooling down. concord now fairfield upper 80s hold onto one more 90 morgan hill 88. 78 san rafael. 70 oakland. 65 san francisco. temperatures napa and santa rosa now low 80s. mor
moisture working its way into the sierra nevada especially at the south part but for the most part the bay area, clouds scoot east of us. cooling around the bay area as high pressure moves out. this trough will drop in and that had bring with it more low clouds and fog further onshore as we head in toward the weekend. temperatures are not that bad. 84 degrees and sunny skies in san jose, much more comfortable there. 81 in fremont. 81 palo alto. at the coastline, 58 degrees daly city, 60 pacifica with fog. temperatures in the east bay up into the 90s well inland. you're looking at 70s inside the bay. age probably about 68 degrees in richmond for today. some of that cool air shoots right in across through the golden gate. 70s and 80s in the north bay, 60s at the immediate coastline except 59 in bodega bay. next couple of days looks like temperatures fairly similar but as weather head in toward the weekend those numbers will continue to drop off and it won't end there as we'll see the cooling trend continuing well into next week. all right. it's time for traffic now with elizabeth. >> let's g
at that cooling trend right through the sierra nevada through thursday. 79 in los gatos and 76 in menlo park, upper 50s here, late afternoon sun, 69 in millbrae, sfln san francisco just 62 with some afternoon sun. breezy and in the north bay, we'll look for slightly warmer numbers with 77 in sonoma, near east bay, 66 in berkeley today, 73 in newark and out over the hills, inland, 80 in walnut creek, down by the monterey bay, 66 in watsonville, so coastal clouds not making it totally away from the coastguard line. they will hang out there and picture back inland for cool and breezy afternoon and ballgame with temperatures dropping to the 50s. not a lot of changes tomorrow. bigger changes tuesday and wednesday. a little warm coming our way. >> and we have breezy for tomorrow. are the winds are going to play a role in keeping it cold? >> definitely through the middle of the week. >> let's look at sports. tonight the giants will try to end the first half of the season on a winning note against the mets out at at&t park. last night tim lincecum true tried to even his record and silence the critic
diego and 109 in palm springs, look for 80s in sierra nevada and mid 90s in yosemite. back home, more 80s and 90s in the south bay. los gatos 94. 86 mountain view and along the coast upper 60s. san francisco, 76 degrees. 91 in novato but just as warm as yesterday and maybe a few degrees warmer in to tomorrow. 86 in union city and inland valleys we're looking at 95 in pittsburg. down by the monterey bay, you notice all the fog, gray conditions in santa cruz, f9s with sun in monterey. here is the accu-weather seven-day forecast, it will be couple degrees warmer tomorrow with less fog. then i think we'll see a bit more fog for the 4th at the embarcadero and hotter day on tuesday. but it's not until the middle of next week we'll begin to cool off. >>> thanks a lot. >> a new state law requires restaurant workers to pass an exam on food safety but a language barrier is causing problems. >> reporter: most of the time, dining out is a pleasurable experience but a rare exception could lead to the hospital. >> six days, food poisoning and ended up in the emergency room. >> prevention is the goal o
in the sierra nevada, as the second-highest on record. >> speaking of snow come on the left-hand side the golden gate really got core car smacked. and on the right, click a look. >> burn this image in your head, this is what we will see day in day out. the low park fog cover, that misty drizzle. cool and cloudy this morning mild and breezy this afternoon. the overnight hours set us up for fog a for fogggy morning tomorrow. now of finance freeway in oakland is dealing with it all away down to the 580 interchange. we have the peninsula coastline the north bay and the debt that that stretch of 1 01 it dealing with it. we will be right back fog region into the wine country, like napa and sonoma. this should pull back about noon, as we head into a p.m. and 9:00 p.m. and towards midnight this pushes them far back into these they almost out to buy five. we will watch for that development overnight. the temperatures are still in the '50s and '60s. we had sunrise before 6:00 a.m. this morning. will we use unseat the temperature drop a few degrees before the sun comes out. san francisco is sti
a typical summer time pattern jshes the fog near the coast. the thunderstorms developing in the se sierra, nevada, and the heed inland. close to triple digits in some locations. antioch 99 degrees. 98 concord, livermore. morgan hill was 98 degrees. the coastal areas comforted by the fog in the 60s today. the fog is prominent out there, especially along the coastline and around the bay from our high definition east bay hills camera you can see how pretty that fog is as it is rolling in. it has made it all the way out towards the east bay now in places like alameda and oakland. temperatures are falling. you can see, san francisco, mid 50s. oakland down to 58 degrees. well, inland we still have clear skies and warm conditions there with low to mid 70s. our highlights coastal fog tonight with mild temperatures. heat eases inland tomorrow and we are looking at cooler conditions area wide by the weekend. you will feel our natural air conditioning unit working this weekend. trust me on this one. low to mid 60s in the inland areas. most other location in the 50s. the fog around tomorrow morning.
to move into the sierra nevada. take look lightning strikes, this is down south, down by los angeles, edwards air force bay. rain is streaming up to the north. diablo range, clouds developing. slight chance of showers but overall, main activity in the northern and southern sierra. 77 in campbell and 74 in sunnyvale. look for numbers to range from 61 in pacifica with late day sun to 74 in menlo park. san francisco a little cool but brighten up at 64. 77 in sonoma and near east bay and berkeley, richmond, temperatures in the upper 60s. high ward will enjoy low 70s. upper 70s in fremont with 82 in concord, pleasanton. dublin coming in at 80 degrees. monterey, looking at sun but lots of clouds down there this morning. a little cooler. not a lot of change in the days ahead. 60s, 70s and 80s should do it. cooler than normal. >> you call it moderate? >> yep, i do. >> let's check out sports. serena williams will meet bartoli at noon in the finals at stanford. this morning, giants shortstop went to fresno after acquiring a new short stop. here are the details. >> giants acquired orlando cabre
moisture move into the sierra nevada. this monsoon moisture in the summer time tends to bring about some thunderstorms. so if traveling to south lake tahoe, yosemite, las vegas thunderstorms expected this weekend. very isolated for your friday afternoon but going to become pretty likely on saturday and sunday and scattered in nature for the tahoe yosemite area. that very same moisture will bring us some high cloud over the next come el days. so look for fog in the morning along the coast locally inland. temperatures mainly in the 50's except at antioch we are expecting low of 60 degrees. here's are the highs for your friday in the south bay yes for san jose. 82 degrees this santa clara a.mid 80's for cupertino campbell los gatos. 87 degrees. beautiful day on the peninsula. 76 in san mateo o. 81 for palo alto, mountain view, low to mid 60's right near the coast and the fog will be around so temperatures not changing whole lot near the beaches. downtown san francisco 66 degrees. sunset district 63 you will see lingering fog well in the afternoon. look at the high for the north ba
, moving in from the desert south skbeft we're seeing some of this getting into the sierra nevada f you're traveling tomorrow afternoon, we're expecting sierra storms this weekend. and this is when you keep this in mind, there may be rain accompanying it. some moisture is expected to come out towards the p southern monterey county areas so there is a slight chance of showers or thunderstorms developing sunday morning heading into weekend and you're making plan just an fyi. temperatures into 50s and fog along the coast. tomorrow afternoon, you're looking at a mild day. 79 in santa clara and 80 degrees for san jose. and there is high clouds filtering in the sun a little bit. upper 70s for redwood city. 62 degrees on the coast and half moon bay. with peeka boo sun that, is about it. and 60 in daily city. north bay, 60s at the coastline. mid-90s around clear lake and 76 in santa rosa after starting out with fog, you'll see mix of sun and high clouds. there is 76 degrees in castro valley. inland, it's a pretty warm day. for the monterey bay, 66 degrees in monterey. here is the accu-weather f
, for the sierra nevada, the warmest day will be the 4th of july in the northern sierra. and yosemite, 94 today with 92 on monday. here's a look at the numbers back home. you will notice more low to mid-90s here, except 95 in campbell. the relief from pacifica, half moon bay 72. and san francisco coming up about 5 degrees today for a high of 80. 93 pet aluminum ma. 90 vallejo. look at the low 90s even for union city. fremont 92 and out over the hills, yeah, you are definitely warmer today from pittsburgh and brentwood. 100 in livermore today. 98 pleasanton as well as walnut creek. down by the monterey bay, your fog is backing off as well during the afternoon. that's why watsonville will warm up. and 98 hollister. so for the 4th of july, the patchy fog will be back at the embarcadero lake. starting off clear. still a pretty good show. the hottest day looks like today. cooler for the 4th. then back up for tuesday and everyone will are noticeable cooling by thursday. >> carolyn: all right. but again you think maybe all right on the fireworks. >> better than last year but maybe some fog later on in
springs. if you are headed out to the sierra nevada today, tonight or tomorrow, look for the mid-80s. rapid snowmelt going on there. and the southern sierra in the 90s. do be careful out there. the water is very cold and running very fast. so a lot of people outdoors this weekend and there's going to be a lot of heat out there, starting to the in the south bay. campbell, 92 degrees today. 94 here and 90 san jose. not close to records but a warm day today on the peninsula. 86 in red wood city, 67 in pacifica. 68 half moon bay. so a nice afternoon if you are one of the many headed out to the the beaches. 70 in the sunset, 76 downtown and in the north bay. numbers rank from the upper 60s, bodega bay. and east bay, 93. 87 in fremont and out over the hills. mid-90sed to there. it will be warmer tomorrow. down by the monterey bay there's a few patches of clouds this morning and that will linger offshore. monterey staying comfortable at 69 and 89 hollister. here's the accuweather forecast. heat advisory today, tomorrow. monday pretty much almost as hot but maybe a better sea breeze out ther
to federal immigration officials. >>> cal fire expects full containment in a remote area of the sierra nevada foothills. 350 acres have burned but no homes are buildings are threatened. >>> a barbecue grill may be responsible for a fire that gutted a home in healdsburg. firefighters rushed to a home on albert court early yesterday morning. they found flames shooting from the home. the couple of who lives there did make it out safely. one firefighter was hurt by falling denver brie. it took the firefighters -- falling debris. it took poofs two hours to put the -- two hours to put out the fire. >>> and an inspiring actor makes headlines for all of the wrong reasons. the man who really wanted to get on the david letterman show. >>> good morning. westbound highway 4, traffic is busy. we have an accident that's just before in blocking lanes. we'll let you know about that and the rest of the morning commute -- coming up. >>> welcome back. new york city arrested a man for vandalizing the home of david letterman's home. authority says this man smashed the building's glass doors and trashed the lobby.
back to the west. if you are up in sierra nevada, there you go, that's a halling sea breeze. the best wind is in place as long as that po sits here near portland portland and seattle there. today and tomorrow there will be a lot of low clouds. 60s, 70s, 80s. fairfield, 82. i might be on the high side with gusts offer 35. walnut creek, 79. that's it. alameda, 66. 79 pleasanton. 77 -- 77 san jose. cooper tino. 77 redwood city. san bruno's 6. but pacifica only 5. low clouds will greet us in the mornings. and then after a while i see the inland temperatures warming you. >>> a former texas worker recovering after breaking his neck in a fall. he was able to drive himself to the hospital. the 85-year-old said he fell about nine feet while pleasuring a -- measuring a pipe. we're told he's walking but i about will probably be in a neck praise for at least two weeks. >> he was on the board for 16 years. just retired in 2008. >>> there's also new information about that deadly watson victim plane crash that killed a family of four. the initial report released by the ntsb on friday says the pilot
from yesterday up in the sierra nevada looks like they are pushing off toward the east. maybe some lee side. but most of it looks to be south of lake tahoe. again the decrease in coverage the high it's moving but boy sit slow. 52 santa rosa. 57 redwood city. hayward at 57. so is livermore. one system move spot pacific northwest. that did cool down many locations. a couple days ago we were up 90s and 100s. it's still a tough call to get that high out of here. it's on its way. warm. a few clouds up in tahoe. sunny on saturday and and sunday. morning fog and then sunny and warm today. 90s inland. fog and sun on the coast. afternoon highs 60-95. between some low 90s or low 80s. 86 santa rosa. 86 napa. 60s on the coast and in the city. but temperatures you don't have to go far to find a big spread on the temps in san francisco. a.m. fog sunny. cooler pattern sunday. much cooler pattern next week. >>> the tsa accused of another inappropriate search. >> i felt violated and i felt like this was inappropriate. >> it doesn't involve the controversial body scanners. why this woman says she was ta
smashed here later in the week because the high will gradually move in. if you're up in the sierra nevada you might want to keep up r your eye in the sky, they might get some thunderstorms out there. they had gusts to 36. that's one of those loner. once that system kicks out that means warmer weather will gradually start to build in. but today and tomorrow look to be under the dome of influence of the front. fairfield 82, 79 concord and walnut creek. same for pleasanton. 68 oakland. santa clara 76, fremont 75. a lot of mid-70s on the peninsula. and 50s at the coast and also around south san francisco. looks warmer especially inland as we head toward the end of the week thursday, friday and into the weekend. >> all right, thank you steve. >>> starting this week you can get more than cookies and juice when you donate blood. the american red cross is running a promotion that calls a pint for a pint. >>> plus what's happening with that big brush fire in san diego county? are they making any progress? [ female announcer ] this is the story of sam, who made an unexpected arrival. [ woman ] he
nevada. as some of that might quick the sierra nevada over the next couple of days but nothing for now. west-southwest six in vacaville. still a west wind or a northwest wind. so the sea breeze isn't going any place. the high pressure is trying to build in. back to back 52s now, napa and santa rosa so a little bite to the morning air. temperatures though will continue to struggle because low pressure just hangs out in the pacific northwest. we get the southern edge of it. once it kicks off then we warm up slightly. the trend is to replace it with another one. not that they are that strong but it doesn't take much. a little less fog today. earlier sunshine. sunshine, breezy at times and a little warmer, just a little bit. creeping up those temps, sunny, mild to warm. the wind does pick up but nothing too outrageous. around the bay, i always double clutch on that temp. 87 brentwood, we'll go 78 san jose. 86 gilroy, cupertino77. 60s on the coast, also in the city. fog though continues to hang out by the coast so it's tough to warm up there. night and morning fog will probably decrease a l
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